learning towers petinka with child by game

Story of learning towers Petinka - Our story

PETINKA is primary our family – mom Petra, dad Robert and our girls, Anička and Dorotka. With the arrival and growth of the girls we searched for toys that would not only entertain but also teach.

Luckily, Robert always liked wood and working with it. As a passionate surfer he made surfs with his friend Jozef Vengloš for some time. And so I thought, we could try to make our own learning tower! Even though, Robert did not know what it was at that time. 🙂

The whole family and friends were involved in the production. Robert and Jozef designed the first towers, Anička tested them out and our friends gave us feedback. Some of them wanted the wall with safety features, some of them completely without them. And there the idea of a totally variable product was born. It’s because of this that you can configure the tower as you want.

It’s clear to us that every child is different but all of them like to play. That is why we have, step by step, added the Activity Board and together with it, various types of toys. It took a while, but we successfully developed a unique magnetic system that enables the Activity Board to be constantly changed. It will entertain your little ones during their whole childhood.

How it Started

At the beginning of the year 2017 saw the light of the world our first product – the Learning Tower of Little Buddy.

Little Buddy can be set according to the age and height of your child from the safest version for the smallest children with four safety walls, to a classic learning tower with a ladder on the side, which allows the child to freely climb and cut from the tower. Our goal is offer variability, we have shifted with the development of something further.

The customer can place a specially constructed back board on the tower and create a so-called activity board according to its own imagination. The system we invented works on the principle of magnet and wooden plugs. This allows the customer to provide, add or remove activities and toys for children by age and current preferences.

Better once to see how hundreds of times to hear:) If you like, check out our short video: